Keep your golf game warm this winter

Keep your golf game warm this winter

Here are our top tips for enjoyable winter golf.
1. Take advantage of local rules in winter
• Preferred lies. Keep an eye out for when it starts. Each club decides how far the player is allowed to prefer the lie. Make sure you check it out before beginning your round.
• Embedded ball. Check if relief extends to the rough.
• Cleaning your ball. All balls have to be marked before being lifted and replaced in the exact same spot.
• Casual water. You get free relief if water is visible under your feet or the ball when you make your normal stance. If it is, then you are allowed to drop the ball within one club length of your nearest point of relief.
2. Head to the range It’s no fun standing on a chilly practice ground in the winter, so head to a covered range instead. Motivate yourself by paying in advance, which can often mean you benefit from a discount every time you go. If you prefer, find your nearest indoor simulator, where you can ‘play’ some of the best courses in the world and keep warm.
3. Play with a coloured ball No one wants to waste time in the winter hunting for balls either under leaves or covered in frost. A softer ball is often easier too.
4. Use alternate balls When it gets very cold change balls on alternate holes, keeping the other ball in your pocket to keep it as warm as possible.
5. Wear multi-layers and a good winter hat You can lose more than half your body heat through your head. Don’t wear too much though as it will impact on your swing and you will soon warm up walking round the course.
6. Keep an eye on your ball. Follow your ball from the moment you hit it until just before it reaches the heart of the sun. Then turn your attention to the spot where you think it will land; you’ll soon see it.
7. Remain positive Remember how lucky you are to be outside with your friends on a crisp winter day.
8. Book yourself a winter golf holiday You don’t have to travel too far to find good weather and higher temperatures in the winter months, or enjoy a long haul golf trip and watch those winter golf blues magically disappear.



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