10 Top Tips for choosing a Golf Holiday Destination

10 Top Tips for choosing a Golf Holiday Destination

When it comes to booking the perfect golf holiday - experience counts, so here are our tried and tested tips to help you work out what you really want from your next golfing break. Think about these things before you book and you're certain to get it right!

1. Work out your priorities.

Drinking in the sunset Is it to play exciting golf courses, stay in excellent accommodation, dine well or chill. The more thought you put into your goals, the easier it will be for your Golf Planet Holidays expert to create your perfect itinerary.

2. First Timer?

If it’s your first golf holiday or you are golf beginners, ask your friends for advice on their favourite places and details of a good golf tour operator.

3. Max or Relax

Sunset Golf Holiday Decide if you are looking for a relaxing golf holiday or a challenging one. There are some amazing courses to play great golf on around the world, but we can’t guarantee you will score 36 points at all of them…

4. Are you happy to drive?

There are some fantastic options if you want to stay on site or private transfers can be easily arranged. If you need a hire car, ask our advice on trouble free car hire.

5. A course too far?

Photo of sign - Next Golf Tee If you’re planning to self-drive, be realistic about how far you are happy to drive in a day. Remember you will have to drive home after your golf holiday and you don’t want to return home exhausted, it’s a holiday! Photo credit: Stewart Pond Disc Golf Course

6. Have a budget in mind.

If you are going with a group of friends make sure you ask if they have a price in mind and if anyone is after a single room, it can make quite a difference to the cost.

7. Do you want to be in a town or a resort?

Resort Both have their advantages. In a town you can stroll to restaurants in the evening and absorb some of the local atmosphere, in a resort everything is close to hand and you can concentrate on your game.

8. Be honest

Be realistic with yourself about your physical strength. Will you need a buggy if you play four days in a row? If so, check with your tour operator if there are buggies available and if you can book them in advance, remember it will add to the cost.

9. Golf buddies

Couples playing Golf on Holiday If you’re travelling as a couple are you happy to play with other people? A lot of courses will pair you up on the first tee. It can be a great way to make new friends and get some holiday tips, but if you’d rather stick to your own company, check if this is possible. Photo Credit: AuthenticEccentric

10. Look at the weather patterns!

No one can exactly predict the weather conditions. If a holiday is surprisingly cheap it might be that it will be too hot for golf! Just imagine…



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