South America Golf Holidays

Argentina and Brazil are increasingly in the news for their economic pace but they’ve long been wealthy with culture, history and sites.  For golf, many of the courses were built over 100 years ago along with polo clubs and other “European play things” when British, Spanish and Portuguese pioneers came over to develop the massive and fertile lands.  Now new golf courses are being added to the old ones and it’s a seriously attractive holiday proposition for discerning couples and groups.

South America Golf Breaks

Mexico provides USA-type resorts of high- to fabulous quality with lively Cancun being a favourite and gorgeous Los Cabos being one of the finest resorts in the world.

  • Chile Golf Holidays

    Hacienda Santa Martina, Santiago, Chile

    Experience the feeling of teeing off to the dazzling backdrop of the Andes Mountain Range, or enjoy the sea breeze at a course along the rugged Pacific Coast. Chile’s courses are rarely crowded, and a mild, Mediterranean climate allows for outstanding year-round golfing conditions.

  • Argentina Golf Holidays

    Hacienda Santa Martina, Santiago, Chile

    A 12 hour flight takes you to the one of the most exciting countries in the world.  We’ve focused on the finest courses, some of which date a hundred years or so, and sights and attractions to cause a stir.  From the passion of Buenos Aires to the beautiful solitude of Bariloche in the alpine-like Lake.