Chile Golf Holidays

Experience the feeling of teeing off to the dazzling backdrop of the Andes Mountain Range, or enjoy the sea breeze at a course along the rugged Pacific Coast. Chile’s courses are rarely crowded, and a mild, Mediterranean climate allows for outstanding year-round golfing conditions. From June to September, Chile offers one-of-a-kind opportunity to ski the Andes one day and golf the next day.

Running 2500 miles along the west coast of South America, Chile is a hidden gem of a tourist destination with warm, dry summers from November to March. The summer's long days of January and February boost outdoor fun, though the spring months of November and December and autumn months of March and April can be nearly as good.

Chile spans half the continent – from the driest desert in the world (near San Pedro de Atacama) to massive glacial fields. In between are volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, steppe and countless islands.  All this “fenced in” by the Andes and the Pacific. Absolutely splendid!

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Golf Breaks in Chile

Choose your holiday theme, add some good golf and you’ve got a holiday to talk about for years.  We’d recommend a two-centre vacation – one for the golf and the other for exploring.  And remember Chile is the fifth largest producer of wine and Bariloche and Mendoza (Argentina) is just next tour so what about a South American tour taking in the best sites and “tick-list” courses.

There are ten golf courses in Chile – all around or on the coast near the capital of Santiago.  Whilst only one is rated among the world’s best (Las Brisas de Santa Domingo), we’ve cherry picked the courses to give you holiday golf in stunning surroundings.  The locals love their golf and Felipe Aguilar and Nicole Perrot are on the PGA Tour.

  • Santiago Golf Holidays

    Santa Martina Golf Course, Santiago Golf Holidays

    Santiago is the heart of Chile and boasts the the hottest restaurants, the busiest bars and the longest nights…A perfect contrast to the other, more tranquil part of your holiday.

    Santiago Golf Breaks

    With beautiful mounatains to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Our Santiago Golf Breaks will whisk you away to a world of …

Chile Golf Holidays

• San Pedro de Atacama - an adobe oasis surrounded by geysers, sand dunes, salt flats and lost Andean villages

• Pucón - suit up for high-octane outdoor adventures, smouldering volcanoes Valparaíso (on the coast near Santiago)- hills bright with teetering coloured houses, serious seafood and great nightlife

• Easter Island - explore this eerie speck of land on horseback or foot Torres del Paine and the Lakes District – totally unspoilt scenery The Atacama Desert can be explored all year, but summer days sizzle and nights are bitterly cold at higher altitudes throughout the year.

Chile Golf Holidays

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