Australasia Golf Holidays

When you’ve got the attractions of Australia and New Zealand on offer, you’ve already got a great holiday lined up.  And when you add world-class golf to that, you’re in for a treat.  Most of the best courses are in the south and east of Australia and New Zealand’s North and South Islands must boast the highest concentration of outrageously good golf courses on the planet.   And any serious golfer visiting this part of the world has to include Bambougle Dunes in Tasmania!

Australasia Golf Breaks

Sunshine, fabulous scenery, wildlife and golf…What a trip!

  • New Zealand Golf Holidays

    Cape Kidnappers, Hawks Bay, New Zealand Golf Holidays

    New Zealand Golf Holidays

    Golfing history goes back over 150 years in New Zealand and boastsscenery made famous by Lord of the Rings and surely more world-class courses per square mile than any other country in the world. No wonder that New Zealanders have been among the most competive and successful golfers (and caddies!) over the last 60 years.

  • Australia Golf Holidays

    Barn Dunes Tasmania, Australia Golf Holidays

    Australia Golf Holidays

    Australia is an adventure – some of the world’s great golf courses mingled with spectacular sights, energising cities and an ever-increasing reputation for its “around the world” food and fine wines. Escape from the winter chill and land in summer sunshine!