Germany Golf Holidays

Germany, the power house of Europe, also has a softer side.  And that side includes some spectacular scenery and a couple of exceptional golf courses.

We feature in and around Berlin so you can take in the city and play the best golf courses and also the exciting city of Munich and the astonishing Bavaria and its Ludwig Castles. Germany was a wealthy state long before the Prussian kings so there are many palaces and grand buildings and parks to enjoy .  For example, just in Berlin you should take in the Brandenberg Gate, The Reichstag Building, Charlottenburg Palace and, of course, the Berlin Wall Museum. 
Apres-golf is exciting.  Berlin is Germany’s all night capital with over 200 clubs and many more pubs and bars. Munich - along with its baroque palaces and the Oktoberfest beer festival – is excellent for shopping.

Germany Golf Breaks

For golf, three of the big names are the 54-hole Berlin Sporting Club,  the 36-hole Seddinner See and the 90-hole Bad Greisbach.  With designs by Palmer, Faldo, Langer and Trent Jones, it’s easy to see why they’re rated among Europe’s Top 100 and more and more German golfers are making a name for themselves on Tour.

Flying to Germany is exceptionally well-served and the road network is impressive.  The best time to play is from March to November in the south and April to October in the north.


  • Berlin Golf Holidays

    Sporting Club, Berlin Golf Holidays

    Berlin Golf Holidays

    Come to the excitement of one of our Berlin Golf Holidays.  With its many museums and fun nightlife, Berlin offers something for everyone.

    Berlin Golf Breaks

    Just a short flight away and experience luxurious hotels and great golf with our Berlin Golf Breaks.  With many four and fives star hotels to choose from, …

  • Bavaria Golf Holidays

    Abenberg Golf Club, Bavaria

    Bavaria Golf Holidays

    Our Bavaria Golf Holidays bring you to blue skies, crystal-clear lakes,  and medieval towns. You will be welcomed by Bavarian traditions and warm hospitality. Explore the mystical forests, snow-capped mountain peaks and enjoy outdoor activities &  spa relaxation. 

    Bavaria Golf Breaks

    With our Bavaira …

Germany Golf Holidays

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Germany Golf Holidays

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Germany Golf Holidays

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