Golf Holidays in France - 6th October 2014

Is France home to some of the world’s finest golf courses? The country’s certainly a keen contender for the title, especially within Europe, with more European top 100 golf courses than any other mainland European country. Many a golfing aficionado will tell you that one of the best places to play golf in the world is France. If you like golf, look to France and its world class golfing resorts.

At Golf Planet Holidays we offer a selection of golf holidays in France, covering the areas of the Alps, Normandy, Paris, the Loire, Alsace, south west France, the south and more. Northern France is where we started back in 1981, and Hardelot and Le Touquet – just 110 miles – from London, have welcomed many golfing enthusiasts over the years.  In fact, we’re still called Hardelot Holidays and French Golf Holidays by many clients. There’s no one who knows France more than us.

We can tailor your dream golf holiday to you, helping you to plan your holiday by putting together an itinerary that reflects the kind of golf holiday you want to experience. Perhaps you’d rather play golf leisurely by day and relax with a glass of something red from the region in the evenings inside the quiet but comfortable surroundings of your hotel? Or perhaps you’d rather play golf all day before heading out of an evening to soak up the sophisticated delights of Parisian nightlife?

A golf holiday in France has something for everyone.


Tenerife Golfing Holidays - 1st September 2014


Searching for something a little bit different this summer?

You’ve tried Spain, you’ve tried Normandy, you’ve tired a Safari holiday in Kenya, you’ve even enjoyed a fruit picking holiday in Wisbech, but have you tried a golfing holiday in Tenerife?

Tenerife, the largest and most densely-populated island of the seven Canary Islands, and the most populated island of Spain, is also an excellent destination for lovers of the wonderful game of golf. 

Tenerife golfing holidays are not to be missed. The island entertains no fewer than nine superb golf courses, stretching from the south near famous resorts like Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas to the south in hidden gem resorts like Buenavista. With a nod of thanks to its equatorial climate for bringing sunny, spring-like weather all year round, Tenerife is the ideal place for a complete golfing holiday, or just enjoying just one or two rounds during the holiday week.

If you’re keen to explore this island and play upon its courses, Golf Planet Holidays can help you organise a golfing break or a golfing holiday in this picturesque part of the world. When you’re not playing golf you’re at liberty to see and do whatever you want. Why not pay a visit to Tenerife’s World Heritage Site; the world’s third largest volcano from its base, Mount Teide? Or marvel at the architectural splendour of the Auditorio de Tenerife or witness the Macizo de Anaga? If you need to pick a place in (on) which to play golf, pick Tenerife.


Golf Holidays in Italy - 17th August 2014

Italy presents so many opportunities to the golfing holidaymaker, but you could say that, as a golfing destination, Italy is one of Europe’s best kept secrets despite more than one of its golf courses making the Europe Top 100 list.

If you’re drawn to a slower pace of life, then a Tuscan holiday could offer you the ideal golfing trip. With its lush, rolling hills, vineyard valleys, Cypress trees, Mediterranean coastline and excellent golf courses, Tuscany is always going to please, while a golfing holiday in northern Italy can introduce you to the renowned delights of Venice and the faster-moving, fashionable Milan. Or perhaps Verdura in Sicily is your must-go-to destination?

Golf holidays in Italy promise adventure, relaxation, comfort and excellent food. What could be better than surveying the surrounding Sardinian landscape while teeing off?

Golf Planet Holidays can help to organise and book your golf holidays in Italy. We say ‘holidays’ because after one golfing experience in Italy you’ll no doubt be raring to return to the country. With golf holidays in Italy you can enjoy playing your favourite game on a greener than green course while soaking up the sights of some of the country’s most appealing areas, including The Lakes, Florence, Verona and the unspoilt areas of the south.


Golf Holidays France - 4th August 2014

France is notable for many things: wine, cheese, gastronomy, the Château, romance, but also golf. A wealth of world class golf resorts are scattered throughout France. The country’s close proximity to the UK makes a golfing holiday in France an inexpensive prospect, and with its leading golf resorts, an essential destination for any keen golfer.

Golf holidays in France will have you swinging the club and striking the ball while facing a stunning and diversified natural landscape, and if you’re near the French coastline, then the turquoise-blue waters of the ocean will greet your eyes. With that and within the ideal climate – not too hot and not too cold – a golfing holiday in France will always be an enjoyable experience.

France entertains golfers at golf courses stretched across all parts of its coastline, including the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the English Channel and the North Sea, while golf courses can be found in the Alps, in the Loire, in Brittany, in Paris and elsewhere. Celebrated resorts include at Le Touquet, Belle Dune and Hardelot.

Golf holidays France? Go to Golf Planet Holidays.

As the longest-established golf company for golf holidays in France, our local knowledge and expertise of this golfing destination is unparalleled.

Golf Holidays in Spain - 21st July 2014

Ah, Spain. Spain has proved to be one of the most, if not the most, popular holiday destination for UK holidaymakers this summer, but how does it fare when it comes to golf holidays in Spain? Golf holidays in Spain are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. So, everyone wants a little piece of this wonderful country.

The gravitational pull drawing us in the direction of Spain is easy to understand. It’s within easy reach of the UK –one single, very short haul flight – it entertains a varied selection of over 400 golf courses, enjoys clement weather and endless attractions in this culturally diverse and historically rich country. Why say no to a golf holiday in Spain when you can bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean climate, experience the sights and smells of its Mediterranean coastline, and enjoy renowned Spanish hospitality at your chosen accommodation.

Golf Planet Holidays offer a variety of golf holidays in Spain, with something to suit every golf lover’s preference and requirements. Destinations include golf holidays on the Costa del Sol, Madrid, Mallorca and Costa Brava, and we have a range of suggested itineraries and weekend breaks on offer as well as all-inclusive golf holidays and shorter trips.

You like golf and you like Spain, so what are you waiting for?

Finding the Right Country for Your Golfing Holiday - 7th July 2014

It’s always a tricky task deciding where to go on holiday. A golfing holiday is no different. Finding the right country for your golfing holiday is not really the point here. There’s no ‘right’ country for your golfing holiday as there are so many parts of the world which offer fantastic opportunities to golfing enthusiasts.

If you’ve already sampled a few golfing holidays in other countries the first thing you need to do is to pick somewhere where you’ve never been before. Think if there’s any part of the world you’d particularly like to visit, then visit Golf Planet Holidays which gives you all the information you’ll ever need on golfing holidays in every country where golfing holidays can take place. The world over has many first class golf resorts, so unless there’s a golf course in France or Bulgaria you’d particularly like to visit, go with the country you’d like to see.

Easy. Golfing holidays will fulfil your love of the game, but there will always be time for sight-seeing and sampling the best of what the country has to offer.

Another option to consider is what type of golfing holiday do you require? Are you taking the family? Do you fancy a self-catering sojourn? Are you looking to book a last minute golfing adventure. At Golf Planet Holidays we can help find you the golfing holiday of your dreams. 

Golf Holidays in France - 23rd June 2014

A wealth of golfing diversity awaits you just across the Channel. As a golfing destination France is especially popular with travellers from the UK, given its close proximity and cultural familiarity. The wine regions, the superb gastronomy, the coastlines, the varied landscapes, the typically French traditions, the easy travel distances, and the many celebrated golf courses and resorts.

France has more of its golf courses included in the European Top 100 list than any other mainland European country. From the famed resorts of Hardelot in the North to Chiberta in the South-west, its golf courses are outstandingly well-maintained, with style determined by locality. Great value for money is also guaranteed, as the country has much to offer golfers and non-golfers alike.

When booking your golf holidays in France, it pays to go with a company that has an extensive and unrivalled reputation in the business. Here at Golf Planet Holidays we’ve been organising French golf holidays for our customers since 1982. With hundreds of hotels and hundreds of golf courses to choose from, when it comes to golf, France can cater comfortably to every golfer, regardless of their level of proficiency. Our golf holidays in France can take you to Brittany, Paris, Normandy, the Alps, the Loire, the Alsace region, the North and the South.

So, what’s your ideal golfing destination in France? Make the best start to your holiday and book with GolfPlanet Holidays. We offer best rates guaranteed and special rates in several of the regions.  And we can book everything for you, from accommodation to tee-times. It’s no wonder that GolfPlanet and French Golf Holidays are the recognised experts for golf holidays in France.  Established in 1981, we were the first golf holiday company for France and we’re still the biggest by far.

Golf Holidays in the Bahamas - 26th May 2014

Enjoy a luxury golf holiday in the Bahamas and experience the Caribbean in all its tropical glory. With sixteen main islands, the Bahamas has a great deal to offer the golfing enthusiast and their friends: some of the best sandy beaches you’ll ever see, crystal clear waters and the opportunity to play your favourite sport in such beautiful surroundings.

Golfing holidays in the Bahamas are for unwinding and relaxing, but the destination also offers first-class accommodation and world-class golf courses. Golf courses exist all over the Bahamas, with two courses in Nassau, one on Paradise Island, two on the Grand Bahama Island and others on Exuma and the Abaco Islands. Most are only a stone’s throw away from the accommodation on offer, so you don’t have to waste precious leisure time travelling to the fairways. To view what we have on offer visit Golf Planet Holidays.

At GolfPlanet Holidays we’ve been offering golfing holidays to our customers since 1981, and we’re here to help you enjoy your perfect golfing holiday to the Bahamas and in 40 other countries around the world. 


Golf Holidays in Egypt - 12th May 2014

Looking to take a golfing holiday abroad this year? Think cheap, short-haul flights, a sunny climate all year round, excellent hospitality, spectacular landscapes and outstanding golf resorts….Think Egypt.

Egypt is fast becoming a popular golfing holiday destination and it’s not hard to see why.

At GolfPlanet Holidays we’ve been offering golfing holidays to our customers since 1981and we have a great selection of destinations in Egypt to choose from.  And the resorts are all perfect for a restorative winter getaway. Choose from the Madinat Makadi resort on the Red Sea with its new golf course, El Gouna Golf Club for an authentic Egyptian golfing experience, or the Jaz Makadi Golf Hotel.  And our favourite, Residence des Cascades with its own Gary Player-designed golf course.

Only a five-hour flight from the UK, Egypt offer many flight options for you to choose from and we organise all transfers to ensure your golf holiday is as hassle-free as possible. We also arrange sight-seeing trips, so if you’re keen to have two night flying visit to the ancient Pyramids as part of your Egypt golf holiday, we can arrange everything for you. To view the golf holidays in Egypt we offer visit our website here.

Book with Golf Planet Holidays for your Egyptian golf holiday in the sun.